Mariotto held Alberto Fernández responsible after the conviction: “he did the ironing”

“The speech of Alberto Fernandez the day of the inauguration in the Legislative Assembly, put white on black the subject of the lawfare. But it remained in a description since there were no policies that advanced in this regard. It is a government that did the iron and it did not carry out any transformation, not even in the judiciary,” he said. Gabriel Mariotto after the ruling that condemned the vice president Cristina Kirchner on the Cause Road to 6 years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office.

“We are not taken by surprise by the court’s decision against Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner because a cause without due process and emblematic of lawfare brought with it a conviction. This mess that is the Judiciary cannot talk about justice, because they brought this operation to condemn Cristina and to many other government officials”, added the former lieutenant governor of the province of Buenos Aires.

“Since the first days of the government of Alberto Fernandez we have presented a bill so that all the causes of lawfare go back to scratch and are executed with due process, we did not ask for pardon for people or amnesty for crimes. When the political is judicialized, justice is politicized,” he added. Gabriel Mariotto in The Trigger (Delta 90.3)

And how Cristina Kirchnerpointed out the link with the scandal that splashed Thursday, prosecutors and officials of the City of Buenos Aires after the leak of some chats: “The photograph of that trip to hidden lakewith all the audios that have appeared where they show the sewers of power, with intelligence services and concentrated media, whether they are internal to Cambiemos or not, it is a shame ”.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner can be a candidate in the 2023 elections, because only the Court will prevent it, it would happen when the ruling is final. This is a mess, for those who do not want it, it is well sentenced, for those of us who want it, we understand that this is a sentence that was already established before the trial began, “he concluded.

by RN

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