The singer and the duchess have a similar family background.

    Mariah Carey recently made a guest appearance on Duchess Meghan’s podcast. a.o.p

    Singer Mariah Carey has told about her meeting with Duchess Meghan in a recent interview.

    Carey was recently a guest on Meghan’s Archetypes podcast. Now Variety– magazine, Carey says that he was really satisfied with his meeting with the duchess.

    – The podcast with Meghan was an important moment for me and I enjoyed it very much – I was happy to hear her position on different things, we have both followed our own paths.

    Meghan has had famous guests on her podcast. a.o.p

    The women share a similar background: both were born and raised in the United States and are half African American. People of multiple ethnic backgrounds usually struggle with a sense of not belonging.

    – It always comes up, either by me or by someone else, Mariah says about her ethnic background.

    – That’s why it was interesting to talk to him on the podcast. There are many misconceptions about him, as there are about me – so many that no one can guess.

    However, Carey does not provide examples of what these misunderstandings might be. Carey and Meghan have both experienced the merciless side of the public eye and the international press has dealt with them very harshly.

    The topic of the two’s conversation was the diversity of the diva concept. Both Carey and Meghan have been called divas in the media. Carey has embraced the title in a positive light, and on the podcast encouraged Meghan to do the same.

    Meghan and her husband Prince Harry have gained a difficult reputation, especially in the British media. a.o.p

    – You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan, don’t say otherwise, Carey said in the podcast.

    – What kind of diva moments? Meghan asked.

    Carey said she was referring to Meghan’s attire at public events, not her behavior. Meghan admitted in the post-interview segment that she was surprised by Carey’s comments.

    – That stopped me. I started to sweat a little. I started to squirm in my chair. My thoughts started to race that what lies he has read about me because he says that.

    Meghan was pleased that Carey immediately specified what she meant by her comment and reflected on how different images words can evoke in people.