María Gabriela Hoch: “We are ashamed to have a joyful life”

Maria Gabriela Hoch She is a mentor in communication, empowerment, conscious leadership and healing. Tissy, as she is known, is also a strong, intense and vital woman.

“I am passionate about sharing everything that can help us live a more joyful, fuller, happier, more harmonious life. Empowerment, awareness and healing“, says.

He was born in Buenos Aires, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at UADE and a master’s degree in Communications Management at Universidad Austral. Years later, already in the United States, she graduated as an Energy Healer from the prestigious Brennan School of Healing. She also completed a master’s degree in Integration and Facilitation of Emotional Processes and a teaching degree at the same school.

“In all the interventions I do, spaces are created where people can connect with their depth and discover things about themselves that they did not take into account. That generates a transformation process where suddenly something changes. And when you change your perspective, it changes,” she confesses.

María Gabriela belongs to W100, which brings together the most visionary members of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network. She is honorary president and co-founder of Vital Voices in Argentina, leader of Vital Voices Miami and founder of WE Evolution, an organization that promotes conscious leadership and healing for world harmony and peace.

She received awards and recognition for her work, including the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Global Women Leaders Award. Additionally, she collaborates with Fortune 500 organizations, such as Google, Microsoft and FedEx, among others.

This year he published “Líderes de hoy”, which he will present at the next Buenos Aires Book Fair. She is also the author of “Diary of a Vital Woman.”

She lives in Key Biscayne, Florida, with her husband and three of her four children Bautista and Conrado (23), Benicio (17) and Esmeralda (14).

“The deepest fear we have is to shine,” said Marianne Williamson, who was a mentor of mine. But it doesn’t do anyone any good if you shrink. On the contrary, your shine helps, illuminates, empowers others to shine too,” she says in her talk with NOTICIAS.

News: What tools do you work with in transformation processes?

María Gabriela Hoch: I work with mentoring, networking, groups. I do trainings, workshops, courses, programs.

News:How did you become an energy healer and facilitator of emotional processes?

Hoch: 11 years ago I emigrated to the United States with my family. I had the need for an inner search. The years of working with Voces Vitales in Argentina were of such intensity that I thought I was going to die. I didn’t stop, I was exhausted. My way of leading was very intense, very comprehensive, with a lot of presence. It was not a healthy way to lead.

News: What happened to your internal search then?

Hoch: Although I was on the crest of the wave, I did not feel complete. I felt like something was missing, if that was happiness and success, I didn’t want it. I had to look for other alternatives. It cost me a lot because I was an absolute workaholic. I needed something different, disruptive, that would take me out of my comfort zone. Then I found the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, where I trained for seven years. It was a very strong transformation work.

News: You say you had an epiphany.

Hoch: I read between 40 and 50 books per year, I learned about psychology, energy and meditation, among other topics. I suddenly realized that the word “scared” has the same letters as “sacred.” It was a tremendous epiphany to discover that with a single change of perspective we can go from fear to the sacred, understanding that the sacred is the best version of oneself, the best one can do, and that fear is when we are in defense, conflict, suffering, paralysis. My last eleven years had to do with traveling that journey from fear to the sacred.

News: And in this process he found his true essence. What you call the “inner treasure”

Hoch: Exact. By working with women’s empowerment I began to connect more with that more nourishing feminine energy, of receiving, of finding spaces of union, of listening. It is also returning to my center and deciding at each moment from where I want to act and decide.

News: How does all this apply to leadership?

Hoch: When you lead from fear, you lead in conflict, disunity, competition, jealousy, resentment and you vibrate from that place. What can you build? Not much, or more of the same. How different it would be to see how we can transform that into cooperation and meeting points. We may disagree, but honor and respect our points of view.

News:What is your view on the current way of leading?

Hoch: Everything that has been done until now is no longer useful, we need a change. Get out of the spiritual closet, from the closet of consciousness. Stop being divided, I am one thing at work and another at home, integrate us. And “walk the talk”, walk what is said, put it into practice.

News: What are the qualities of a good leader?

Hoch: A humane, compassionate and conscious leader. It has to do with a work of personal inquiry, self-love, self-knowledge, well-being, compassionate communication, healthy limits with love, emotional intelligence, and also with values, purposes, virtues. I listen, I question myself, I propose, I invite, I cooperate, I try to unite. My book invites you to take the path to be a conscious leader and create conscious organizations.

News: What reception is there in organizations and leaders for this new paradigm?

Hoch: There is an opening, we are working with several frontline organizations, but it is difficult. There is still confusion and fear.

News: What is Vital Voices?

Hoch: It is an organization that Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright founded twenty-five years ago. I participated in a mentoring program in 2007, from the State Department and Fortune magazine, for the most powerful women in the world. I was nominated by the United States Embassy as a mentee and that changed my life. I learned that through mentoring, networking, women’s networks, helping each other we could prosper and make a space for ourselves at the tables where decisions were made. I returned to Buenos Aires and suggested to some women that they join this madness and they joined. This is how the Argentine chapter of Vital Voices emerged. Fifteen years have passed and the work we have done fills me with happiness and pride.

News: And We Evolution?

Hoch: When I arrived in Miami I realized that only external empowerment is incomplete. We must add awareness, knowledge and healing. That is why I propose an introspective work of personal inquiry, we will connect with our masks, with our defenses and especially our wounds. When we connect with all that we reach our essence. We try to go back to our bases and go down to our hearts and connect from there. On the other hand, we have a segment related to conscious leadership, where we work with organizations and individuals; and we are developing a school to train facilitators to sustain these processes.

News: How close are we to gender equality in developed countries?

Hoch: The issue has settled, there are many interlocutors working, but the figures remain the same. As long as there is no knowledge, awareness, inner work and healing, empowerment alone is not enough.

News: What is it like to live in Miami?

Hoch: Living in Miami allowed me to connect with myself, do enormous transformational work, and be close to the sea. I work from home and share a lot of time with my family. My husband, who also works at home, always accompanied me in all my projects and my crazy things. It’s important to have a partner like that. We are a very united family and we share our achievements and mistakes, we learn and give each other opinions, but with a lot of respect and love.

News: Without a doubt, yours is a successful case. How do you measure success?

Hoch: I measure success based on my happiness. If I am not happy, if I am not in harmony and in tune with my significant ties, nothing from the outside is important.. The joy I feel. I learned that word here, I was ashamed to say it. Because many times we are ashamed to have a joyful life. I was ashamed to enjoy, to be happy, to be exuberant. I lived the first half of my life sacrificing a lot for the outside world. Years later I realized that it was not just the passion to do but what it had to be.

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