How many times do we dream of that project that we want to do so much?

    How many times do we put it together in our minds, organize it, validate it and even name it! and we just keep dreaming…

    What happens in us that prevents us from not being able to make it happen?

    What do we tell ourselves? How much permission do we give ourselves to be wrong if necessary and start?

    Dreaming it is not enough. Because when we dream about it, we only achieve that… that it remains in dreams, in desires, and in the long run, this state causes enormous frustration.

    Bringing it to reality is the best option, with what we have, leaving aside everything we think we need to start and that the only thing it gives us are excuses for never starting.

    Getting started is always the best decision…

    And if we are wrong? Then we will learn…

    And if it doesn’t work? In that case we will have been able to live the possibility of having tried.

    And if I am not able to develop it? Only beginning we will know…

    And yes…

    And yes…

    And if we finally dare and it works?

    What if you give yourself the chance to believe in yourself… to love yourself while learning… to move forward allowing you to get to know yourself in a new context?

    And if we finally realize that life is one and that all the “what ifs” can be limiting beliefs and lack of confidence…

    Dreaming it is not enough.

    Taking the first step doesn’t get you where you want to go, but it gets you where you are.

    The answer and the decision you have.

    It’s all in you.


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