Marechaussee filmed woman in dressing room: 100 hours of community service required

A soldier from Kaatsheuvel should be given a community service sentence of 100 hours because he secretly made film recordings in a shower and dressing room for women of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in Den Bosch. The public prosecutor demanded this at the military court in Arnhem on Monday.

The woman who reported this found the camera in a ball of folded socks. The 44-year-old suspect has confessed. More women may have been surreptitiously portrayed by him last January. The man also worked for the Marechaussee at the time, but no longer.

The public prosecutor blamed the man especially because he is an investigating officer. Instead of protecting victims against criminal offences, he made a victim himself, it was said.

Moreover, it is not acceptable that the images were shot in a room where someone imagines themselves to be unobserved. The man is said to have aimed his camera at the shower and changing room of a building of the staff of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee on Hervenplein in Den Bosch for almost the entire month of January of last year.

In addition to community service, a one-year suspended prison sentence was demanded. If the suspect misbehaves again in the next three years, he must go to jail. During this period he should also be treated and report to the probation service.