Mare Fuori 4, the second episode tonight on Rai 2: episodes 3 and 4

Land complicated stories of the boys detained in the Nisida IPM return up tonight Rai 2. The second episode of is broadcast at 9.20pm Sea outside 4. From here on the plot of the new season unfolds, full of twists and turns and new narrative lines that will lead to an unexpected ending for all the protagonists.

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Sea outside 4the plot of episodes 3 and 4

Episodes 3 and 4 – titled respectively The hare’s head And Reason or feeling – revolve around some facts that upset the balance. The Maximum Commander (Carmine Recano) and the director Sofia (Lucrezia Guidone) they inform Rosa (Maria Esposito) of the death of his father, Don Salvatore Ricci (Raiz). For Rosa it is a very hard blow. Her family has been completely destroyed and she finds herself alone. As always, Massimo tries to make her think, to encourage her to change her path, but the situation immediately becomes complex.

Pink, then, he thinks that Donna Wanda Di Salvo’s men killed him (Pia Lanciotti). Then, overwhelmed by pain and hatred, she distances herself from her boyfriend Carmine (Massimiliano Caiazzo), son of Donna Wanda. For his part, Carmine is increasingly convinced that he wants to leave Naples and wants to take Rosa with him. Together they will build a life away from their families and the Camorra.

Also at IPM there is a new inmate. It’s Alina (Yeva Sai). She doesn’t speak, no one knows her name, but Gianni Cardiotrap (Domenico Cuomo) manages to find a communication channel. Pine tree (Artem), then, he finds a job in a kennel thanks to Beppe’s help (Vincenzo Ferrera). For the happiness of his girlfriend Kubra (Kysha Wilson), she is advised not to freak out whatever happens to her.

“Mare Fuori 4”: Carmine and Rosa, played by Massimiliano Caiazzo and Maria Esposito. (Sabrina Cirillo)

Donna Wanda threatens Mimmo

While Rosa seems to feel the call of the underworld, Mimmo (Alessandro Orrei) wants nothing to do with it. He wants to change his life and find the affection of his family again. His mother asks for leave to take him home for a few hours and betrays him. She leaves him in the middle of the street and, shortly afterwards, he is joined by two men who take her to Donna Wanda’s house.

Mimmo reveals to her that Carmine plans to leave Naples with Rosa. Immediately Donna Wanda orders her men to send a warning to Massimo and forces Mimmo to be an accomplice. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Edoardo Conte (Matteo Paolillo) orders the lawyer Alfredo D’Angelo (Giuseppe Tantillo) to reveal where the Ricci money is hidden. The lawyer, however, is not at all inclined and declares himself faithful to the Riccis.

Sea outside 4what happens in the second episode

Donna Wanda ordered Consuelo to be scared (Desirée Popper), Massimo’s wife. Her men, however, go much further than a simple warning. When the Commander finds out, he is determined to find whoever is responsible whatever it takes. The pain is so profound that his attitude towards the prisoners suddenly changes.

In the second episode he is intractable, blinded by anger and, above all, he feels betrayed by those boys who he tries to change every day. He risked and risks his life for them, now he just wants revenge. He knows that the culprit is hidden among them and that he is somehow connected to the IPM. AND he asks Mimmo for help to find out who did it. Mimmo, who is involved in the affair, has to deal with his conscience and his feelings of guilt. Once again, he has been framed by the underworld.

Carmine knows nothing of what happened and turns to Massimo for news about the imminent transfer and asks him to talk to Rosa to convince her to follow him. Entering the protection program would ensure that they have a chance at a new life. RoseHowever, he suffers from the loss of his father and has no intention of leaving Naples and the command of the clan.

The balance changes

In the IPM there is also Cucciolo (Francesco Panarella), who pursues the goal of joining the Ricci. Outside prison, Pino continues to work at the kennel, but cannot tolerate the manager’s mistreatment of the animals locked up in cages in conditions of complete degradation.

The second episode of Sea outside 4 kicks off a series of changes that affect all the characters. Massimo first. From now on the boys lose their point of reference. He is no longer the Commander present for everyone, but just a man who despises them and does nothing to mask his hatred. To stem his anger is Sofia, who shows a humanity that has been cleverly hidden until now.

Carmine also loses Rosa, who is in crisis because she is certain that her mother-in-law killed her father. And she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her boyfriend anymore. From here onwards an exclamation begins which will only stop at the end of the season.