Marcus goes in search of his roots in a new TV show

Marcus (13) lives in Zoetermeer, but his parents are originally from another country. His mother is from Denmark and his Hindu father from Suriname. He would like to discover his father’s country of origin and that happens in the new TV program Travel to your roots.

Together with presenter Stephanie van Eer, Marcus and Nohaly (15), Kyara (15) and Keyan (15) travel through Suriname and discover the country.

Coming home

As the daughter of a Spanish mother and Surinamese father, presenter Stephanie feels very Dutch, with her A, B, C & vwo diploma and her great love for cheese. Still, Stephanie had a vague feeling. Where did she actually belong? A few years ago she got the chance to go to Suriname, this was the first time she visited her father’s native country. Once there, an overwhelming feeling of coming home overcame her. She would like to give this opportunity to others as well. What would Zoetermeer Markus think of the visit to Suriname?

Travel to your roots

What does this deliver Travel to your roots for these young people, their parents and environment? Does it feel like coming home? Or does it feel no different than a holiday destination? Does it affect their identity? Or is it just an adventurous trip? From Sunday 3 September it can be seen weekly at 6.15 pm at KRO-NCRV on NPOZapp.

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