Marco Borsato still not close to comeback? “Let’s hear those tapes!”

Although no prosecution decision has yet been made, the sound is increasingly heard that Marco Borsato should go back on stage. Too easy, says Yvonne Coldeweijer.

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More and more celebrities are calling that the situation around Marco Borsato is becoming too harrowing and that we should hoist him back on the saddle. Connie Witteman even wants reparations. But isn’t that a bit fast? We don’t even know yet whether the Public Prosecution Service will prosecute him for transgressive behavior with a girl who was underage at the time.

Borsato tapes

That decision is imminent and John van den Heuvel said some time ago that the chance of prosecution is really considerable. For example, he was ‘devastated’ by the Borsato tapes, sound recordings that are in the file but have never been shared with the outside world.

Yvonne Coldeweijer thinks that things should be put on the table. She writes today on her influential juice channel: “I think there should be a case, because there is evidence. And that should at least be discussed. I want everyone to see and hear this evidence.”


Even if that evidence is not enough for a conviction, it is still relevant, Yvonne believes. “People who keep saying that until a judge has ruled on it, they won’t do that either, is noble. But I now know that the truth can differ from what an OM or a judge decides.”

Those Borsato tapes should be heard, Yvonne thinks. “Let the verdict of the judge not determine your opinion, but the evidence that is presented. Whether you find it credible or not.”

BN friends

What does Yvonne think of all those celebrities who call for the liberation of Marco? “Celebrity friends cannot imagine any abuse at all. With Ali B it is, because he doesn’t fit the picture of ‘perfect family man’. As if no one realizes that abusers use this image to get closer.”

She continues: “If you delve into the subject, you find out that it is often about a confidant of the family. An uncle, neighbour, a good friend. It’s too sick for words, that’s why you can hardly imagine it. But that is what it is and apparently I have to keep repeating it.”

Wait two years

Yvonne agrees with the criticism that the prosecution decision by the Public Prosecution Service is taking an inhumanly long time. “Waiting two years is a long time, not only for Marco, but especially for the alleged victim! Realize how this young lady and her family must live in suspense all this time.”

She concludes: “I think it is necessary that the Public Prosecution Service will come through with a decision whether to prosecute Marco or not. It’s time now. 🙏”