Marcel Bosker from Groningen still skates in the 5000 meters at the World Cup in Japan due to cancellation of AH Zaanlander

Groningen skater Marcel Bosker (Team Reggeborgh) will compete in the first World Cup of the season in the 5000 meters in Japan. This is due to the cancellation of Gert Wierda from AH Zaanlander.

Last weekend, Marcel Bosker narrowly missed out on winning tickets for the World Cup in Japan and China during the WCKT in Thialf with a sixth place in the 5000 meters. He was not feeling well and had been ill. The Swiss-born, son of a Groningen father and Drenthe father, can now at least start in Japan. This is due to the cancellation of number five Gert Wierda, which means Bosker moves up one place.

Wierda, who qualified for World Cups for the first time, previously said he had strong doubts about starting in Japan. “These are great competitions, but they don’t make you skate faster. Perhaps it would be better for me to continue training in the Netherlands,” the Frisian said during the WCKT in Heerenveen.

Bosker also skates in the team pursuit

The other skaters from AH Zaanlander who qualify will also not travel to Obihiro, Japan, where the skating will take place from November 10 to 12. Bosker was also included in the team for the team pursuit by national coach Rintje Ritsma. The Groninger rides with Bart Hoolwerf and Louis Hollaar. Patrick Roest is missing from the team. He does not want to discuss this issue for the time being due to a difference of opinion. Bosker continues in the mass start with Bart Hoolwerf in Japan.

Chris Huizinga from Garnwerd, who finished second in the 5000 meters at the WCKT, will also be in action. This also applies to 19-year-old Stadjer Jenning de Boo in the 1000 meters.

According to coach Jillert Anema of Zaanlader, the long journey to Obihiro does not fit into the program of his riders. “With this trip to Japan you lost more than you could gain. It is a journey of more than 24 hours.” His team won nine tickets during the qualifying tournament, but none of them go to Japan. As a result, top players such as Irene Schouten and Marijke Groenewoud are missing. Melissa Wijfje, Elisa Dul and Wierda are also not coming along. This also applies to Marwin Talsma of Team Frysk in the 5000 meters, who has also canceled.

Discipline manager disappointed by cancellations

Discipline manager Freek van der Wart is disappointed about the cancellations by AH Zaanlander. “We have emphasized the increasing importance of the Word Cups several times to the top teams and drivers. There we have to earn points for the ‘overall’ World Cup classification, which will later determine how many Dutch people we can participate in the European and World Championships for Distance and the World Championships for All-round and Sprint. We cannot force anyone to participate and there are always plausible reasons for canceling. But we must all become aware of the collective interest of earning as many starting tickets as possible for TeamNL at the World Cups for the European Championships, World Championships and soon also the Olympic Games.” The intention is that the qualified skaters of AH Zaanlander will travel to the second World Cup in China.

Dutch team for the first World Cup in Japan:

Women: 500 meters: Femke Kok, Jutta Leerdam, Naomi Verkerk, Dione Voskamp and Marrit Fledderus, 1000 meters: Jutta Leerdam, Femke Kok, Antoinette Rijpma-De Jong, Marrit Fledderus and Helga Drost, 1500 meters: Esther Kiel, Antoinette Rijpma-De Jong , Joy Beune and Sanne in ‘t Hof, 3000 meters: Joy Beune, Sanne in ‘t Hof, Antoinette Rijpma-De Jong, Esther Kiel and Reina Anema, mass start: Esther Kiel and Reina Anema and team pursuit: Joy Beune, Esther Kiel and Reina Anema.

Men: 500 meters: Merijn Scheperkamp, ​​Sebas Diniz, Kai Verbij, Hein Otterspeer and Janno Botman, 1000 meters: Tim Prins, Tijmen Snel, Kjeld Nuis, Jenning de Boo and Janno Botman, 1500 meters: Patrick Roest, Kjeld Nuis, Wesly Dijs, Thomas Krol and Louis Hollaar, 5000 meters: Patrick Roest, Chris Huizinga, Jesse Speijers, Marcel Bosker and Bart Hoolwerf, mass start: Bart Hoolwerf and Marcel Bosker, team pursuit: Marcel Bosker, Bart Hoolwerf and Louis Hollaar.

Mixed relay: Femke Kok and Wesly Dijs.