Marc-Marie Huijbregts refuses question about Amalia: ‘I will not do this’

Marc-Marie Huijbregts (58) does not want to talk about the weight of Crown Princess Amalia (19) on television. He deflected a question about this from Eva Jinek (44). “Sorry, I think that’s such nonsense.”

© RTL, RVD/Martijn Beekman

The teenage princess Amalia is dismissed as a fat girl by a certain group of grown people. Quite inappropriate, of course, but according to Marc-Marie Huijbregts you can also ask yourself whether you should pay attention to that at all. In any case, he thinks that Eva Jinek should not discuss the subject.

Marc-Marie intervenes

Eva started talking about it on her talk show last night. At one point she says to Marc-Marie: “She also has a hard time online about her body. All the comments about that.”

Then the comedian steps in. “Oh please, yes. I really think so… I actually think we shouldn’t even be talking about that if I’m being honest. I think that is such nonsense and also not what her position is about and what we should talk about. I think we should just not talk about that.”

Beautiful queen

Marc-Marie thinks Amalia is a beautiful girl. “I think she will also be an insanely beautiful queen. Máxima and Willem-Alexander are already very tall and she seems to be getting even taller. I think she is very imposing and beautiful and I think we will have a very beautiful and good queen.”

Linda de Mol-bestie Antoinnette Scheulderman: “I find it very moving to see how seriously she tries her best, you know. You just know that she is very prepared and a very serious person. I think that’s pretty good for someone her age.”

Eye roll

Eva also thinks that Amalia is doing her best. “There is also no eye roll, no smartness, all dedicated and serious.”

EenVandaag reporter Joost Vullings: “I would like it if those younger sisters would all do strange things. I like that then. Who then just start driving cars really fast and all friends.”

Eva: “That will all come!”

fat shaming

Antoinnette points out that Amalia is also a role model with her stature. “In the positive about the fat-shaming there is about her, I read a story in a Belgian newspaper today that it was just such a role model for young girls.”

She continues: “Because a princess in Disney movies was also always very slender and now we have such a beautiful princess with a full figure, but a very beautiful girl who is doing super well. That it is a very positive example for young girls. You can also view it that way.”