Marc and Alex Márquez: “Racing was the fuel of life for Grandpa Ramon”

He grandfather Ramon Marquez It was something very special for Mark and Alex. A lot. And not only for them, no, no, also for Isaac, Sarah, Edgar, Julia and Judiththe grandchildren that Ramon and solethe grandmother who died suddenly, after an unfortunate fall, in 2016, they cared for them as if they were their children, more than their grandchildren, in Cervera (Lleida).

That is why when Ramon died last week, that entire tribe of young people, who had received not only the affection of their grandparents, of the patriarch, but also their education, their standards of behavior, their calls for attention, their warnings, his advice and, above all, his pampering, they burst into tears.

Marc and Alex were in Indonesia, at an event for one of the sponsors of the Fausto Gresini team and the pain was even more intense, because they were going to start the season without the man who passionately lived each of his laps, whether in training or in the race. It goes without saying that Marc and Alex never embarked on a trip without first stopping by Grandpa Ramon’s house. “Sooner or later we knew this would happen to us,” the brothers agree.

Pasión por las motos


Ramon fue tan de Marc y, por prolongación, tanto de Alex, que murió pocos días antes de cumplir los 93, el número, la cifra mágica del ocho veces campeón del mundo, el año de su nacimiento, el dorsal de su moto. «No me había fijado en ese detalle, por ganas no habrá sido, no”, cuenta Marc, que, el sábado, cumple los 31 años.