An unfortunate timing: just now that Jack van Gelder has been discredited, the new season of Marble Mania is about to start. “John de Mol is cursing at home!”

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    Jack van Gelder has decided not to join HLF8 for the time being now that he has been discredited due to transgressive behavior at NOS Sport. Nevertheless, from this weekend he can be heard again as a commentator of the marble show Marble Mania on SBS 6. And John de Mol will be very disappointed, thinks media connoisseur Victor Vlam.

    Bad timing

    According to him, it is “very unfortunate timing” for John that this scandal has broken out just now. “It is unfortunate, because John de Mol is of course someone who is often associated with people who have committed misconduct, think of Peter Gillis, think of Jeroen Rietbergen, and all those other people at The Voice.”

    Victor continues in his podcast The Communicados: “So this is another situation where a John de Mol program has become infected. Yes, he can’t do much about it, John de Mol in this case, but it’s bad timing.”

    Solid curse

    His co-host Lars Duursma thinks that John is very disappointed by the Volkskrant revelations about NOS Sport. “I try to imagine that John de Mol is at home F5’ing on the website of the Volkskrant. At one point he reads the article and a strong curse must have passed through the living room in the De Mol house.”

    The revelations about Jack do indeed not suit him, says Victor. “Yes and the previous two seasons the program was broadcast in January and February. They moved it to March this time. Well, on second thought, I think they’re really bummed about that. But the shooting is already over, so yes, it’s difficult to get Jack out.”

    Sorry for John

    In this case, Lars also sympathizes a bit with the media billionaire. “It is also sad for John de Mol. There’s really nothing he can do about this. But actually this program is now infected again. If Jack is so happy and cheerful maybe also starts making all kinds of bad jokes during the commentary…”

    He continues: “And that is all put under a magnifying glass. So yes, very unfortunate that the first place where we will see Jack van Gelder again is the program of John de Mol.

    The Communicados

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