Manodj B. and his father in court at the end of May in the murder case of missing Sumanta

Horinees Manodj B. and his father Dwarka B. will stand trial on May 30 and June 7 in the murder case of the missing Sumanta Bansi. That became clear during the last interim session against Manodj B.

He himself was not present in court. And his lawyer Peter Plasman was replaced by an office mate. He has so far denied any involvement in the disappearance. Sumanta has been missing for over four years.

She was staying with Manodj B’s family at that time (in 2018). She was pregnant with him at the time. In a previous pregnancy, she was said to have had an abortion under pressure, but just before she went missing, she announced that she did not want that again.

According to the OM, Manodj stabbed the then 22-year-old woman to death and made the body disappear. This would be evident from, among other things, tapped conversations† Sumanta’s body has been searched several times. Previously in the Robbenoordbos in Wieringerwerf and the last times in the recreation area De Hulk near Scharwoude. But everyone without success

Relatives want clarity about other suspects

During the previous hearing it was announced that the wife of Manodj B. and his brother, due to lack of evidence no longer as suspects being seen. Something that questions Sumanta’s family, explains their lawyer Priya Soekhai.

“I have asked for the documents. The Public Prosecution Service has convinced me that there is no evidence. But I would also like to read it myself. Because if we see it differently, I can start an Article 12 procedure.” Due to such a procedure, the court has to look at the case again and the Public Prosecution Service can be forced to prosecute B.’s brother and wife.

Clarity about sentencing

During the sixth interim session, it turned out that the only thing left to do is wait for the results of additional forensic investigations. Nothing stands in the way of the joint substantive treatment against Manodj and father Dwarka B.. And so it will become clear during the hearing days on May 30 and June 7 what punishment the public prosecutor will demand against both men.

“The family is happy, and the parents will also come to the Netherlands from Suriname for the lawsuit. But above all they want answers. Because they still hope that Sumanta will be found.”

Unlike other hearings, Manodj B.’s lawyer did not request his release until the trial. He has now been in custody for more than a year, but will therefore remain in custody until at least the substantive treatment.