Mango spaghetti fever arrives in Barcelona

I immerse myself in an ocean of suspicious TitkTok videos that show ‘foodies‘ gobbling spaghetti in shopping centers. Blank eyes, wailingWow, they look excited. Some claim, almost through tears, that they taste the same as in Colombia. Others talk about gigantic tails and they congratulate themselves for having gotten their bowl. I remain hypnotized by the rain of ‘influencers’ and I discover that they don’t eat conventional spaghetti: they are mango spaghetti!

Its about biche mangoa preparation imported from Colombia which consists of cutting the mango in the shape of spaghetti and throw all kinds of fittings: salt, lime, chamoy sauce, tagine, sweet syrups… Toppings, toppings and more toppings. Sweet, salty, sour. The friends of posture They see them circulating in TikTok and they do not want to give up their dose, even if mango is not part of their diet. There is FOMO of mango biche, be careful with this pathology.

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The truth is that the mango spaghetti fever has already reached Barcelonaand the specialized stores They have multiplied, occupying, above all, shopping centers and areas frequented by families and young people. At the moment it seems to be triumphing, and the fact is that biche mango is rabidly viral and photogenic, has the blessing of the most popular foodies and comes accompanied by a cool/healthy aura that mitigates the feeling of guilt. The campaign of advertising hidden in networks has been incredible and it is not surprising: these cool spaghetti They have everything to become the umpteenth gastro fashion Of short duration. So, live fast and leave a beautiful mango, which oracles of TikTok They will be in charge of telling you what the next madness that you have to prove yes or yes, prior sponsorship.