Man who kicked 75-year-old Enkhuizer in the head remains in pre-trial detention longer

Amsterdam resident Quinten H. (24) will remain in pre-trial detention longer for assaulting a 75-year-old resident of Enkhuizen. The judge decided this after an interim hearing. H. allegedly knocked the victim unconscious and then kicked him in the head. He is suspected of attempted manslaughter.

Both H. himself and his lawyer Sicco Wester did so yesterday frantic efforts to prevent the suspect from having to be detained longer. After a long time, he had managed to get a care home, where he would also be supervised. A longer pre-trial detention would mean that his place would be given up and he would become homeless.

The public prosecutor said yesterday that he had no interest in a provisional release given the seriousness of the abuse. “If you were to see the photos of the man, you would not understand that this defense is being put forward by the lawyer.”

Shoe imprint was in the face

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the violence started out of nowhere on June 17 this year. The victim was knocked unconscious at the Van Bleiswijk. “Then he was kicked so hard that the tread of the shoe was visible on his face. It was senseless, severe violence and an elderly man had to suffer.”

The judge also sees sufficient objections to detain Quinten H. for at least another three months. The case will continue with another interim hearing on December 11.