Man beaten black and blue with iron bars: police show images

A man from Eindhoven was beaten black and blue in his hometown last year by two men with iron bars. A third man filmed the assault with his cell phone. This happened on Saturday evening, August 19. After the assault, the perpetrators fled in a car. Images of the abuse were shown in Bureau Brabant on Monday evening.

That evening in Vivaldistraat, the victim walked unsuspectingly to a parked car, a Volkswagen Golf. At that moment, two men get out of the car and attack him with iron bars. A third man who also got out of the car films the attack with his cellphone.

When the victim is hit on the head several times and tries to get away, his wife comes to his aid. She chases the perpetrators away while screaming. The three then leave in the dark blue Volkswagen Golf.

Covered in blood
The victim suffered multiple head wounds during the assault. He was covered in blood and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

The assault happened near the victim’s home. A surveillance camera recorded the assault. The police are in the dark about the background to the abuse. Was it a targeted action or a mistake, she wonders in the Bureau Brabant broadcast.

Bureau Brabant showed images of the abuse on Monday evening: