Man arrested for theft of hundreds of iPhones worth millions thanks to tipsters

A 64-year-old Hagenees was arrested for the theft of hundreds of iPhones at the end of October at a freight company at Schiphol. After attention was paid to this multi-million theft in the television program last week Investigation Requested, tips came in. Partly because of this, the man was arrested a day later.

From the perpetrator behind the theft there was no trace for a long time. Reason for the Marechaussee to during the broadcast of Investigation Requested to pay attention to this theft on November 28, exactly one month later. This resulted in a number of tips shortly after the broadcast. So quickly, in fact, that the suspect was arrested a day later in the Delft area.

It is currently unclear exactly which tips contributed to the man’s arrest. The Marechaussee only announced the arrest today via a press release. The 64-year-old man from The Hague has already been brought before the judge.

1.7 million euros

The man is said to have posed as a truck driver at the end of October. He drove onto the Schiphol site with a stolen truck (as it turned out) and false papers. There he had the truck loaded with hundreds of brand new iPhones. The stolen loot had a total value of 1.7 million euros.

The investigation into the theft is still ongoing. No further statements are therefore made about how the suspect could have gone about his business and how the Marechaussee tracked him down. A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service can say that the suspect will remain in custody for at least the next two weeks.