Mamarazzis: Clara Chía 1 – Paparazzis 0, by Laura Fa

First battle won. Clara Chia has got one Restraining order for a paparazzi from Barcelona that was complicating his day to day. Or so she feels. The photographer in question may not approach less than 400 meters, as ruled by the judge.

To achieve this almost historic and pioneering sentence, Clara Chía has presented a series of medical reports that have confirmed that his state of mind is not optimal. She should ask her boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, that does not hang it on their social networks either. The ex-azulgrana has more than 22 million followers and perhaps, just perhaps, it is not the best way to try to gain privacy. The press will continue to work as best we can and the denounced paparazzi plans to appeal the sentenceso not everything is said.

The Mamarazzis will continue reporting as before, because everything that moves in the ‘Piqué universe’ is news. He anticipated ‘Vanitatis’ that Gerard’s brother, Marc Piqué, is getting married soon. It will be June 23, not the 24 as published. Marc and her girlfriend, Maria Valls, will say ‘yes, I do’ in a ceremony to be held at her parents’ house. They have a farmhouse in Llavaneras (Barcelona) with a large garden area where the couple’s friends and family will meet. It will be the first family event where Clara could coincide with Milan and Sasha. The children will return to Miami on June 19 with their mother. Will there be a special negotiation so that the little ones are with their parents’ family that day? If they finally attend, they will be able to enjoy the party and the menu prepared by the Catalan chef Nando Jubany, awarded with a Michelin star.

Kiko Hernandez

On Thursday the bomb went off in ‘Save me’. Kiko Hernández has to marry Fran Antón tomorrow, a friend who in recent months has become inseparable. Few details have been released. For not transcending, We did not know for sure if the collaborator and his friend were a couple, or how long they have been together or anything at all. How to imagine at this point that there was going to be a wedding. All very weird. We Mamarazzis are stunned. And not because two gentlemen get married, it was just missing, we are because not even the protagonist has confirmed that Antón is his boyfriend. He doesn’t answer calls, silence is his answer.

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And the supposed wedding is not the only surprise. Kiko, very jealous of his private life, has decided not to wait for ‘Save Me’ to finish, which would have been the most logical thing to do, to take this step. Without ‘his program’ active, the media pressure would have diminished infinitely. Why not wait until the end of the program and gain some peace of mind? Because as you gain in peace of mind you lose in economic value. Getting married when ‘Save Me’ is still alive, magazine interest is higher. According to some sources, the intention of the tertullian is sell the wedding for 30,000 euros. We don’t believe it. Neither the wedding nor the sale. It would be the world upside down. From the most absolute discretion and secrecy, to the total sale of privacy. Nothing logical with Kiko’s speech all these years. But neither would he be the first to endorse Groucho Marx’s phrase, “if you don’t like my principles, I have others” and for money he would change his mind.

As at the date of publication of this article we still cannot confirm whether or not there is a wedding between Kiko and Fran, we cannot congratulate them. Who we can send our best wishes to is the presenter xavi martinez. Today he is getting married in Sant Cugat with his girlfriend, Claudia Buil, with whom he has been in a relationship for four years. Congratulations couple!