Malt acquires Comatch to strengthen its position as European leader

In a press release issued on March 28, 2022, Malt announcement the acquisition of Comatch. The acquisition of this German company, considered the leading European platform for independent consultants and expertsshould enable Malt to strengthen its position on the European market.

With Comatch, the French can dream of European expansion

With this acquisition, Malt intends to extend its community of freelancers to the profiles of independent management consultants and to get closer to its objective of reaching one billion euros in business volume by 2024. The acquisition of Comatch is a great opportunity for French. Indeed, as the two companies do not work in exactly the same markets, and have leading positions in their respective segments, this acquisition will allow Malt to solidify its strategy for European expansion.

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As Christoph Hardt, co-founder and CEO of Comatch explains, “In Europe, Malt is the leading platform for freelancers, particularly for digital talents, and Comatch is a major player in the consulting sector. We believe in a future where technology and business consulting continue to come together, which is why we are very excited to build Europe’s leading freelancing marketplace together”. This takeover could allow the French to dominate the European market.

Soon 600 employees at Malt

Valued at 355 billion euros in Europe, the freelancing market is now within reach of the French startup. To rule the Expert Advisor segment, Comatch has built a network of more than 15,000 consultants. The company, headquartered in Berlin, currently employs 130 people. For its part, Malt has 340,000 freelancers listed on its platform. The takeover of the German allows it to be able to boast of having the largest community of independents in Europe. For Vincent Huguet, CEO and co-founder of Malt, “with Comatch, we share the same vision of the future of work and a community first approach, which places talent at the heart of the product”.

As can be read in the press release of the French company, Malt now becomes “the preferred partner of companies and organizations facing a talent shortage”. Malt and Comatch are already collaborating with 80% of CAC-40 and DAX-40 companies and with more than 1,000 major companies. Following this acquisition, the two companies specify that 150 new profiles will be recruited to bring the number of employees to 600 by the end of 2022. Enough to allow the European giant to control its eleven geographical sectors (Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Middle East, North Africa, Netherlands, Nordic countries, UK and Switzerland).