Make or break with Eva Jinek: ‘Last chance for 7 p.m. talk show’

The intention is for Eva Jinek to start her early talk show on NPO 1 after the summer, but now reality series appear to be hitting the roof at that time. “Make it or make it.”


NPO 1 has never managed to find a worthy successor to De Wereld Draait Door. First you had Margriet van der Linden with her sour program, then you had De Vooravond with a cheerful presenter on the piano and until recently there was Khalid & Sophie, which has been discontinued because host Khalid Kasem is only allowed on TV with a black bar. .

Worried about Sophie

Sophie Hilbrand will be back on the channel from Monday, but with Jeroen Pauw as a temporary co-host with whom she alternates: Sophie & Jeroen. After the summer, Eva Jinek will start in the 7 p.m. timeslot of NPO 1. But the past four weeks have shown once again that a talk show is not really necessary at that time; reality actually scores even better.

Viewing authority Tina Nijkamp talks in her podcast Tina’s TV Update: “More Than Expected is currently an unexpectedly big hit. It is the successor to Een Huis Vol, about triplets. I immediately thought of Sophie and Jeroen Pauw, because if you look at how high Meer Dan Expected scores, then I am concerned about that.”


Tina has the idea that NPO 1 wants to stop the 7 p.m. talk show. “I honestly think that NPO 1 is also a bit ahead of a schedule without a talk show at seven o’clock, also because I understand that the EO is working on a series in a hospital emergency room.”

She continues: “That immediately reminded me of the bar that NPO 1 used to have, when we had a hospital reality soap every evening at half past seven and that actually scored very well.”

Up or down

So it is important that Eva really scores, says Tina. “So I think that if Eva Jinek does not score at seven o’clock, then it is likely that NPO 1 will get rid of that talk show – well, I’m actually sure – and that they will then do more reality soaps, so about large families and those hospitals that they are already working on.”

She concludes: “The pressure is therefore on Eva Jinek to do well, because it is a bit of a make or break situation, I expect. Especially because these series score very well and also do very well with young people and that is what the NPO is also looking for, young viewers. So: exciting.”