Màkari 3 on Rai 1: third episode plot, cast, location Sicily

Ghey in sight for Saverio Lamanna in the third episode of Màkari 3 (tonight at 9.30pm on Rai 1). First of all the relationship with Suleima suffers a setback for the obsessive presence of Giulio and especially after the arrival in Sicily of his in-laws. Alfonso, Suleima’s father, only has eyes for his ex of his daughter: he never got over the fact that they broke up. It won’t be easy at all for Saverio to manage the situation.

Il Volo, the trio signs the theme song for the drama “Màkari”

There are two other issues for the writer to resolve: an unknown author accuses him of plagiarizing one of his books and in the case of an episode Marilù is accused of murder. Saverio and Peppe will do everything to exonerate her.

Màkari 3: the plot of the third episode

A literary festival takes place in Sant’Anacleto where Saverio Lamanna (Claudio Gioè) and his friend are invited Little one (Domenico Centamore). Here they meet Nino Ardente, a publisher who has long since lost everything and who makes ends meet as a street vendor of used books. A few days later he was found dead in his car in front of Marilù’s restaurant (Antonella Attili).

The first suspect by Deputy Chief Randone is herself. In fact, it turns out that Marilù was an old flame of Nino’s and also a note is found with the writing: “If I am killed, know that Marilù did it”.

Claudio Gioè and Ester Pantano in “Màkari 3”. (Photo Valentina Glorioso)

Saverio knows very well that Marilù didn’t do it to inflict ten stab wounds on his ex-partner and then lifelong dear friend. Together with Peppe he investigates. The two they question the victim’s ex-wife Nunziahis brother-in-law Ignazio, whom Nino had reported for the bankruptcy of his publishing house, and his daughter Agata, who professes to be a medium.

The matter will not be simple at all. Yes, because behind Nino’s death there is a phantom publishing house which publishes books by invented authors that resemble titles by important authors. Lamanna is also accused of plagiarism by a certain Rosario Bernunzo, author of a novel that tells the story of the murder of an archaeologist who knew how to listen to the sound of stones. Just like one of Saverio’s novels. However, Rosario’s book was written first.

The clash between Lamanna, Suleima and her parents

Nino’s murder is not the only problem for Lamanna. Her in-laws Alfonso (Ninni Bruschetta) and Matilde arrive in Sicily. The writer reluctantly discovers that the Suleima’s father (Ester Pantano) is enthusiastic about Giulio (Eugenio Franceschini), the daughter’s ex. In short, she never got over the fact that they broke up. Alfonso has only flattering eyes and words for him and only a few crumbs for Saverio. Alfonso even has an album on his cell phone with photos of Suleima and Giulio when they were engaged.

Lamanna doesn’t take it well. Suleima tries to mediate and reassure Saverio. But when the writer discovers that his father has arrived in Màkari especially to see Giulio again, he can no longer see us. He will try to conquer Alfonso in some way, but it will be tough.

Saverio tells Michela about the situation he is experiencing at home (Serena Iansiti), who will give him some suggestions, and more.

Gaetano Savatteri appears in a cameo in Màkari 3

Piccionello goes out to dinner with his friend Marinain Marilù’s restaurant, where Azhra works. The heart presents the two with an inedible dish.

What’s going on? Azra is simply jealous and she would like a second invitation to go out from Peppe. Meanwhile in the Lamanna household the situation is not at all peaceful. In this episode the writer Gaetano Savatteri appears in a cameoauthor of the books on which the series is based Màkari. There will be a meeting between Saverio and his creator.