Major radio transfer coming? ‘Coen and Sander are moving to Joe’

Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga are leaving Radio 538 and Radio Veronica to join forces at the new radio station JOE, reports Patrick Kicken. “Smart.”

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Patrick Kicken, the most famous radio columnist in our country, has heard that Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga are leaving Radio 538 and Radio Veronica. They were broken up as a radio duo against their wishes by John de Mol – they only do a Friday show together on 538 – and with the competitor they would continue as a duo again.

Coen & Sander transfer?

Qmusic sister JOE, part of DPG Media, will start full-fledged programming after the New Year and Coen and Sander are said to have been brought in to take the lead. “There is a strong rumor that the famous duo Coen and Sander will be reunited for five days in the morning,” Patrick writes. Speaking tube.

This week it was announced that Dennis Ruyer is also switching from 538 to JOE. “Things seem to have exploded at Talpa’s Radio 538 because they are being robbed by the owner of JOE and Qmusic (DPG Media), a masterstroke with which two competitors are dealt a blow and you get two well-known voices and ditto show.”

‘Very smart’

If this news is true, then according to Patrick it is very smart from the golden-oldies sister of Qmusic. “At JOE the morning is immediately busy, with three ex-538 employees. Because you can bet that Coen & Sander will do their utmost to prove their relevance.”

He continues: “I think the idea of ​​going for 538 jocks that the intended JOE audience grew up with is a very smart one. In that respect, my enthusiasm for the new club may be adjusted slightly higher.”