Major fire in an empty office building in Cottbus – one dead

Fire brigade in action (symbolic photo)

Fire brigade in action (symbolic photo) Photo: picture alliance / Daniel Bockwoldt

From BZ/dpa

After a major fire in an empty office building in Cottbus, a dead person was discovered on the site.

According to current knowledge, it is probably a homeless person, the city administration announced on Saturday evening.

A spokesman for the Lausitz regional control center had previously said that the building had been completely destroyed. The fire broke out for an unknown reason on Friday evening in the immediate vicinity of the fire department. The building burned to its full extent. Around 60 firefighters were on duty.

The two-story building was in danger of collapsing, the spokesman reported. A partial demolition is necessary. According to the information, the dead man was found during the extinguishing work. The cause of the fire is still unclear. Police specialists are investigating.


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