Major alarm at Schiphol due to emergency cargo plane, aircraft landed

A major alarm has been raised at Schiphol due to an emergency involving a cargo plane. It concerns a Boeing 747-433 of the British airline One Air, which was en route from London to Hong Kong.

The One Air Boeing is now safely on the ground – Photo: Inter Visual Studio

It is not known exactly what is going on. The Safety Region writes on X that it is probably an aircraft with technical problems. The aircraft has now landed, the emergency services write. That was around 9:15 am.

Looking at the flight path of the cargo aircraft, the problems appear to have arisen above the North Sea. Ultimately, the plane decided to divert to Schiphol, where it was able to land safely after a few laps above the Dutch coast. A spokesperson for air traffic control can say that the pilots were allowed to divert to the Kaag runway.

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One Air-Boeing en route to Hong Kong lands at Schiphol due to technical problems – Photo:

A spokesperson for the Safety Region informed NH by telephone that the fire brigade was present. This is confirmed by Schiphol, as is the landing of an aircraft due to an emergency situation. Emergency services are now investigating to determine the cause of the situation.

Neither air traffic control nor Schiphol make any further statements about the nature of the problem.

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