Maik de Boer is still alive, makes little girl furious: ‘Watch out, L*L!’

Hey, what great news: Maik de Boer is in the tabloids again this week and that means that his fear of death is as yet unfounded. What does he have to say? “Watch out, L*L!”


Phew, well, how Maik de Boer scared people a few weeks ago. He suddenly shouted in the tabloids that he was about to die and that he had even organized a farewell for friends. Does he have something bad among the members? Does he not like it anymore? No, he just thinks it. “Hopefully I can live to be 63.”

Maik on a skiing holiday

Well, Maik still has twenty days to go and so far everything looks good. This week he is again in the tabloids (the only place we hear him these days), so that means he is still healthy and well. What does the former celebrity stylist have to say this time? That a skiing holiday almost killed him…

Wow, that Maik is also fatalistic. So what happened on that ski holiday? “I actually didn’t feel like going on a winter sports holiday when friends asked me to do so. I don’t like winter. But they insisted that I come along. I bought the flashiest ski suit I could find. A beautiful black suit,” he says Story.

Egg pose

That skiing afternoon, Maik also put a band around his head and a pair of trendy ski goggles. “I could only see very little through those ski goggles. Previously I had seen on television that skiers sit in an egg position. I didn’t know much. I thought I had to. But then I went so fast that I skied into a children’s class.”

What?! So Maik goes off that mountain like a headless chicken and kills a whole group of schoolchildren in the process? Yes. “All those kids were flying around me, so to speak. They fell in all directions.”

“Watch out, L*L!”

Maik was immediately called to order. “There was a very little girl then, with a blond ponytail and a pink suit, and she said to me in flat Amsterdam: ‘Can’t you watch out, L*L! I will never forget that.”

He concludes: “After that debacle, I only sat on the terrace with mulled wine. It was horrible. I still have the suit, by the way.”