Maija Vilkkumaa will perform in a support concert in Ukraine

Maija Vilkkumaa is one of the performers of Yle’s support concert in Ukraine on Saturday night.

Maija Vilkkumaa has taken the information about the war in Ukraine heavily. Anna Jousilahti

Singer and songwriter Maija Vilkkumaa will be seen on Saturday night at a Ukrainian support concert performed by Yle. The artist tells Iltalehti that he has been deeply affected by the Ukrainian war.

– As such a child of the 1980s and raised in the Cold War, I have feared war all my life, Vilkkumaa says.

He joined the support concert because he wants to carry his own card in the middle of a crisis.

– The reason why we are here is terrible, and no one would want that, but when that war is raging there, it is nice to be involved in a situation like this. It reassures me that I can even do something, Vilkkumaa says.

Maija Vilkkumaa will be seen at Yle’s support concert in Ukraine on Saturday night. Anna Jousilahti

– When anxiety and powerlessness are present, I can use this way to improve someone’s mind through music.

Flashing appeared on Friday on the Vikin Grace ship, and attending the support concert meant that his return plans for the voyage were renewed.

– I jumped off the ship in Stockholm in the morning and flew to Helsinki. It caused a bit of an adjustment, but when I didn’t have a gig on Saturday, I immediately thought I’d be involved in this.

In addition to Maija Vilkkumaa, the concert will feature, among other things Katri Helena, RobinHaloo Helsinki!, Juha Tapio and Anna Puu.

– There is a real communal and musical feel here, and there are great artists on site. In a way, this is a balm for the soul these days. It is really great that such a concert has been organized at such a short notice, Vilkkumaa sums up.

The Ukrainian support concert to help the victims of the war will be shown on Yle TV1, Yle Areena and Radio Finland on Saturday 12 March. 18:15 – 20:30 See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.