Macri, Milei and the election in Boca

The Acassuso pact that established the alliance between Javier Milei and Mauricio Macri ended up being decisive for the victory of the libertarian leader in the runoff against Sergio Massa. That move in which Macri decided to go against all of his political allies was read as something risky, but he managed to capitalize on the climate of the time that demanded change. According to the first electoral analyses, Milei would have retained most of Patricia Bullrich’s voters.

This Milei’s triumph triggers different readingsamong them, the most urgent: What will be the future of Together for Change? What will radicalism, the Civic Coalition, Republican Peronism and even Horacio do? Rodriguez Larretawhich were left out of the political discussion between Kirchnerism and the opposition.

For Macri it could also become a carom if Milei’s victory has an impact on his candidacy for the vice presidency of Boca together with his friend Andrés Ibarra, against Juan roman riquelme. An election that will be defined a week before the libertarian takes office as president of the republic.

From that late-night meeting at Macri’s house in Acassuso, this victory for Milei emerged. In principle the power struggle Macri wonnow it remains to be seen if it translates into solutions for the country’s urgent problems.

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