Maajussille bride in the previous season of the Sastamalai program To expensive enamored Nina has previously spoken publicly about his heart disease. He has an irregular heart rhythm disorder known by the acronym CVPT.

    Niina also talked about her illness in Iltalehti’s Christmas interview last year. Due to the illness, it would be good to avoid, among other things, large emotional outbursts. Arrhythmias can cause loss of consciousness, even sudden death. Niina has a pacemaker just in case.

    Kalle and Niina found each other in Maajussille morsian program. Minna Jalovaara

    This fall, the pacemaker has announced itself in a special way.

    – We’re getting sick here again, and on top of that, the pacemaker is messed up, which is why I had to go to the heart hospital in Tampere for a separate check-up, Niina said last week on Instagram.

    Niina had surprised even her doctor by announcing that she heard the pacemaker beeping.

    – The doctor was very doubtful about whether I am sure that the device triggered an alarm. Yes, a loud beeping sound for about 10 seconds came from inside me – not my head – but inside my chest. Kalle was also next to hear it.

    – However, the best thing was the doctor’s comment at the end: ‘Well, this is a somewhat believable story.’ This is exactly the sentence I’m waiting for and want to hear the most, when I’m already confused about why the electronic device inside me is alarming. In general, an electronic device inside the body connected by a wire to one’s own heart is confusing and scary enough, Niina continues.

    The situation was dealt with in a panic, although in the end no clear reason was found for the beeping sound.

    – There’s no help here but to stay away! Like in this picture, where I was washing the machines a couple of weeks ago: with a smile on my face, Niina ends her update with a grin on her face.

    If the Instagram embed is not visible, you can access it from this link.

    Niina and Kalle got engaged in the summer and the wedding is planned for next summer.