Luxury guests at the International Literature Festival

With international luxury toursthe presence of the main Argentine authors and an intense and always interesting menu of activities, begins on September 27 the International Literature Festival (FILBA), which runs until October 1.

This year’s topic is “The human machine” because “in the face of the culture of machines and algorithms that postulate lifeless solutions to the problem of living, literature appears from the depths of the human enigma to remind us that it is better.” This is how the organizers of FILBA explain the choice of a theme that, through AI, today runs through all art productions and creations.

And to prove that literature has every chance to resist, there is nothing better than the words of great writers like those who spoke to the public in the main FILBA activities.

The North American Jonathan Franzen and the Romanian Mircea Cărtărescu They are undoubtedly the great figures that the Festival will present this year. But Francesca Manfredi, Brenda Navarro, Lucía Lijtmaer, Renata Salecl, Simón López Trujillo, Alia Trabucco Zerán, Clément Bondu, Thibault de Montaigu, Daniela Tarazona, Nancy Huston and David James Poissant will also visit us.

Maria Sonia Cristoff

Almost all the prominent Argentine authors will be present at the Festival activities (Inés Fernández Moreno, Marcelo Vera, Andrea Garrote, Gabriela Massuh, Walter Romero, Mónica Zwaig, María Sonia Cristoff, Juan José BecerraValeria Tentoni, Ana Montes, Ansilta Grizas, Cecilia Pavón, Mariana TravacioMichel Nieva, Jorge Consiglio, Paula Marull, Federico Jeanmaire, Beatriz Vignoli, Alejandra Kamiya, Betina González, Liliana Ponce, Sergio Olguín, Nurit Kasztelan, Juan Mattio, Pablo Alabarces, Emmanuel Taub and Osvaldo Bossi, among others), but also actors , playwrights, musicians such as Juana Molina, Lorena Vega and Mauricio Kartun.

Camila Sosa Villada

The activities

The opening will be in Malba on the 27th at 7:30 p.m. with a performance conference with three voices, those of Mariano Blatt, Gabriela Massuh and Rafael Spregelburd.

In the following days there will be interviews, panels, recitals, readings, master classes and literary workshops, between 11 in the morning and until late at night.

Some of these activities require prior registration on the FILBA website. The venues for these activities will be Malba, Fundación Santander, Centro Cultural Kirchner, Alianza Francesa, Tai, Club 911 and Lalalá.

On Sunday, the Festival will close with a reading of Camilia Sosa Villadafrom his latest book, “Thesis on a Domestication” (Tusquets).

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