Luuk de Jong enjoys PSV and mentions the strength of the team

PSV recorded its sixteenth win in a row in the Eredivisie on Sunday evening. The people of Eindhoven are thundering on and are unapproachable in the Eredivisie. Luuk de Jong was enjoying the field on Sunday evening and explains what makes PSV such a good team.

After fifteen minutes, PSV took a 3-0 lead against AZ and played very good football. “I was really enjoying myself on the field,” Luuk de Jong reflected afterwards. “We were so incredibly dominant. It could have just been 6-0 after 30 minutes. We also continue to keep each other alert so that we do not slacken. We just want to score more.”

But according to the striker who scored two goals on Sunday evening, that is not the greatest strength of this PSV. “These are also the substitutes. Look at Ismael Saibari and Malik Tillman, they have played themselves in the starting line-up. That is really the strength of this team. But also the players who sit on the bench and play less. They give themselves up for the team and do not mutiny.”

“I have not yet experienced the way we play football at PSV.”

De Jong has already won three championships with PSV and looks set to win a fourth this year. Without anticipating a possible championship, the striker compared those successful years with the current season. “I have not yet experienced the way we play football at PSV. This football suits me very well and it is fantastic to be able to play like this.”

His trainer Peter Bosz also enjoyed Alkmaar. “That first half hour was our best half hour of this season. I always wonder if my boys can reach an even higher level, but they surprise me every time. No victory was stolen and we were on top again tonight. It was enjoyable.”


PSV won 4-0 at AZ on Sunday evening and will therefore enter the winter break as clear leaders