Lundqvist Group: the study that helps Argentines obtain European citizenship

The Lundqvist Group is made up of Dr. María Eugenia Lundqvist, Dr. Avril Eugenia Recio Lundqvist and Azul María Recio Lundqvist. It emerged approximately three years ago as a result of a family initiative whose first objective was to open a new field of activity for one of its members who at that time was completing her university studies, thus leaving the traditional performance framework of the practice of law. As a result, they began to specialize in Immigration Law, which currently allows them to provide services for assembling folders corresponding to Italian, Spanish, Portuguese citizens, among others, and visas to the United States; as well as Argentine Immigration Law.

The group is originally from the city of Mar del Plata, where they began to provide their services. Today they spread to different cities such as: Balcarce, Miramar, General Otamendi, Necochea, Maipú, Lobería, Partido de la Costa, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and also to the Provinces of Chubut and Neuquén. They stand out for offering a service in an effective and complete manner since the assembly of folders corresponding to citizenship covers, among other aspects, obtaining literal certificates of birth abroad, performing genealogical searches, searching for items in our country, legalizing and apostilling all necessary documentation, among others.

Within the framework of Italian citizenship, they have a group of lawyers in Italy to carry out citizenship trials due to maternity or protection due to lack of appointments at the Italian Consulates in Argentina, especially in the case of citizenship due to reconstruction.

Among their projects are requesting the recognition of the professional title abroad to be able to manage this type of trials given that we find that, currently, the fees budgeted to carry them out are not consistent with the economic reality that exists. has in Argentina depending on the fluctuation of the foreign currency.

Currently, they are working abroad and their future project is to open their offices abroad, to be able to provide quality service to Argentines in all parts of the world.

Contact information:

Whatsapp: 2236002909 / 2236002907

Instagram: @grupolundqvist


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