Captain Lukas Hradecky couldn’t rouse Huuhkaj from his second period slumber.

    Florin Tănase completed the 1-1 equalizer behind Lukas Hradecky’s back. Jussi Eskola

    Lukas Hradecky cursed before Friday’s match that Romania’s first ever victory in June in Bucharest was lost to poor refereeing.

    At the home Olympic Stadium, it was really pushed, but the poor finishing combined with the defense falling asleep meant that Finland is still without its first win against Romania.

    – It came from somewhere in between. I didn’t see the ball at all. You probably noticed that from my reaction too. You must not take possession of the ball so close to the goal. It’s clear as day, Hradecky said in Stadika’s press rooms.

    – That decided the game. Romania was more active and deserved a draw. Unfortunately.

    Hradecky underlined that Finland could have won the match, but they should just put the ball in the net from the set pieces.

    – We didn’t have many places. From Teemu (Goat) fine paint and From Ben (Källman) nice things, the finish was missing. And that’s why the match ended 1-1.

    The captain admitted that for some reason the team’s intensity dropped right at the beginning of the second period. Romania’s handicap also falls on it.

    – I don’t know why it fell asleep. Our arrival was a bit delayed. We gave too many spaces and balls to Romania. Then of course they will take advantage of it at some point.

    – It is everyone’s own responsibility to come out of the booth ready. People are strange sometimes. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

    Huhkajie’s road now leads from here to Montenegro, where there is still a chance to save the second place in the group.

    – There is no point in exaggerating this. Romania decided and it’s fucked.

    – We beat Montenegro here, so we know how it goes. It certainly won’t be an easy night, but with a win, it’s second place. That’s enough for us.