Lukaku lands tomorrow at Ciampino, the plane will be piloted by Dan Friedkin

At 5pm the private flight led by the Giallorossi president will arrive at the capital’s second airport. Wednesday medical checks, then the signing, the meeting with Mourinho and if the transfer arrives on Friday evening against Milan he could even be on the bench

It’s done. Lukaku is a Roma player. However, there is little time to celebrate, because Mourinho is in a hurry to have his new striker available. The Belgian’s agenda is very busy. Tomorrow afternoon he will leave England on the Friedkins’ private flight which will be piloted directly by President Dan. Landing expected after 5pm at Ciampino, where there will inevitably be a crowd of fans.

the agenda

Wednesday is the day dedicated to the medical visits which, as always, Roma will carry out at Villa Stuart. Then Lukaku will be called to sign his long-awaited contract. It’s possible he’ll meet Mourinho and his team mates right away, but if times were too tight he’d undoubtedly do so on Thursday. Friday evening there is Milan at the Olimpico: certainly Big Rom(A) will savor the atmosphere of the stadium for the first time as a Giallorossi, from the grandstand but if the transfer arrives he could also end up on the bench. Roma fans are already warming their throats…