Low point for Telstar and Snoei: “Taking a different course”

Until tonight, TOP Oss had only managed to score twelve times in 21 games. And it was precisely against Telstar, in the last minute, that the thirteenth goal of the season was scored. It was the winning goal for the last team and also a low point for coach Mike Snoei and his team. “We can continue to say that we have done everything we can.”

Telstar coach Mike Snoei: “Maybe we should do things differently” – NH Sport/Frank van der Meijden

“Who on earth is going to score a goal for us?” Snoei wonders out loud after the 1-0 defeat. “Maybe we should do things differently. Maybe play with more risks, with more attackers. Then we should position things differently at the front.”

“Every player should be ashamed”

Telstar midfielder Danny Bakker

“Despondent. Worrying. These are cries that sometimes go through your head. But when I see these boys training and playing today, I come to the conclusion that they are doing everything they can. But we have to score more goals and that’s why perhaps we will take a different course.”

Telstar midfielder Danny Bakker: “Everyone should be ashamed” – NH Sport/Frank van der Meijden

Danny Bakker also left a bad taste after the match. The midfielder also did not understand why he and his teammates were left empty-handed for the umpteenth time. “Every player should feel ashamed. You get chances, but you don’t take them. Maybe that is a lack of quality,” said Bakker.

After the defeat, Telstar remains in nineteenth place in the first division and sees the bottom group TOP Oss approaching within a point. The meeting with competitor FC Den Bosch awaits next week.

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