Lovely sunny weekend coming: ‘Even warm for March’

After a sun-drenched Friday, Brabant awaits a mild and sunny weekend. “Even warm for March,” says Johnny Willemsen, weatherman at Weerplaza. Lovely weather to grab the bike and go out. The southeast wind blows moderately, so it is also nice to sit on a terrace out of the wind.

Saturday promises to be a beautiful day. “Not as sunny as Friday, but it will be quite sunny on Saturday. There are occasionally some cloud fields, but the sun shines through them easily,” the weatherman expects. According to him, it could even be a spring-like day. “In Brabant it can be as high as 15 degrees.”

Clouds will increase in the evenings, but it will probably remain dry. “At 4 degrees, the light night frost will also be absent.”

More cloudy, slightly less sunny and largely dry, that will be the weather picture for Sunday. “The chance of a little rain is slightly greater, although most of the day will remain dry. At 12 degrees it will be less warm, but still nice weather. The moderate wind blows from the east.”

Weatherman Johnny already makes an advance for the beginning of next week. “There is rain on the program for Monday and Tuesday. Not in large quantities. At the beginning of the week it will gradually become less mild with 10 and 11 degrees. Later in the week there will be more room for the sun and it will be like this.” n 13 degrees. It will remain fairly dry for the rest of the week.”