Lovely Sisters has hired a consultant. Viktoria Simeoni has been supporting the creative team around chief designer Melanie Warmuth as a freelance consultant since May, the Swiss fashion label announced on Thursday.

    “I appreciate Viktoria Simeoni’s excellent sense of fashion, her understanding of sales issues and her empathy in every situation. The first impressions of their work are already clearly visible in the current order round from the February/March 2023 delivery date,” says founder and managing director Jens Herzig in a statement on Thursday.

    Simeoni started her career in the fashion industry at S. Oliver, where she held leading design positions, according to her Linkedin profile. She then worked as Head of Product Management Talkabout at Gerry Weber and Tom Tailor. For two years she was Head of the Casual Women division at the Hamburg-based clothing retailer. With more than ten years of experience, she is well versed in the field of design and product – Lovely Sister hopes that the cooperation will “meet all creative requirements and promote the development of the brand”. In addition to her current role at Lovely Sisters, she has been running the fashion retailer Up/Date Studios in Tyrol since September.