Louis damages FC Den Bosch stands: East Stand ticket sales stopped

The storm ‘Louis’ wreaked havoc on the FC Den Bosch stadium on Thursday night. The roof of the East Stand was damaged due to extreme weather conditions. Due to the safety of players and visitors, the club from the Kitchen Champion Division has stopped ticket sales for the East Stand as a precaution. It is expected that the roof will be repaired before the match against FC Groningen on Monday, March 4.

The damage to the roof of the stands, where the most fanatical FC Den Bosch supporters normally sit, was discovered on Friday morning, the club reported on its website. The situation in the damaged part of the stand is unsafe. Work is already underway to repair the damage. For this purpose, the East Stand, the field and the parking lot behind it have been cleared and cordoned off.

As soon as safety in the stadium is in order again, football can be played again. FC Den Bosch expects the roof to be in order again for the home match against FC Groningen on Monday, March 4.

It is striking that the sponsor who has advertising boards on the roof of the stands uses roofing materials.

Saturday’s match of FC Den Bosch U21 against Telstar has been moved to the Real Lunet field in Vught. The match starts at three o’clock. Supporters are welcome in Vught to cheer on the players.