Lotta Hintsa’s face was shockingly burned last month – This is what she looks like now

The mountain sun made a bad mark on the ex-miss’s face.

Lotta Hintsa photographed in January of last year. Jenni Gästgivar

The 2013 Miss Finland and mountaineer Lotta Hintsa, 34, startled her social media followers at the beginning of February when she published a picture of her badly burned face on her Instagram account.

Hintsa said in an update published on February 2 that he burned his face while descending Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. Hintsa said that she applied sunscreen to her face in the morning, and later in the day she couldn’t bear to look for grease in her things to add another layer. However, the layer applied in the morning was ultimately not enough to protect from the sun, because Hintsa had time to rub her face during the day and polished while moving.

The photo published by Hintsa showed how the sun had burned the mountaineer’s face, especially in the mouth area and cheeks. At the time of taking the picture, part of the skin on the face had already peeled off or was about to peel off.

– Be kind and use sunscreen, especially in the mountains and by the snow. This really hurts.

– I am quite sure that I will never repeat this mistake again, Hintsa writes.

Although the damage to the facial skin caused by the sun was considerable at the beginning of February, the ex-miss has recovered from the burns quite well.

Hintsa diligently updates her news on her Instagram account, and based on the small pictures in the most recent photos, her face no longer shows significant traces of burns.

The skin has returned to its original state in terms of the eyes, and based on the social media photos, you wouldn’t believe how Hintsa’s face looked just over a month ago.

Hintsa travels the world diligently for climbing and sports. In recent months, he has published a lot of pictures and videos from different parts of the world, where he has gone on adventures.

In between her trips, Hintsa had to deal with unpleasant things as lumps were found in her breasts, which had to be cut out at the beginning of March.

Hintsa received the sample results of the cut nodules last Friday, and he shared the happy news for MTV.

– They were of good quality. It was removed at the beginning of March in a pretty big operation. I was under anesthesia.

– One of them grew rapidly. It grew from the size of a pea to the size of an olive in five months. In that sense, it’s a bit worrying, Hintsa, who noticed the lumps in June, said.