The lottery ticket for the main prize for the New Year’s Eve draw of the State Lottery has been sold in Amersfoort, the Dutch Lottery reports. The lot was bought at the Primera Vathorst in Amersfoort. The winning lottery ticket comes with a cash prize of 30 million euros, tax-free.

    A total of 7,166,000 lottery tickets were sold. That is slightly more than in 2021. Then about 7.1 million lottery tickets were sold. New Year’s Eve tickets were on sale until Saturday evening at 7 p.m.

    “The New Year’s Eve tickets could not be dragged in today and flew over the counter at a record rate of 2,268 per minute,” the State Lottery reports. The New Year’s Eve draw is the biggest draw of the lottery and most tickets are sold in the last few days before New Year’s Eve.

    The total prize money was 75 million euros. The main prize is 30 million, just like last year, when someone from Utrecht won.