The business family appears involved every time a scandal splashes the former president.

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    The Caputos: Macri’s Achilles’ heel

    X-ray of a family of businessmen that is very close to the former president and the political-economic affairs that put them in the crosshairs of Government. Nicholas, whom Mauricio He considers his “brother of life” is in the sights of the vice president for his relationship with José López, the former official K of the bags in the convent. And days ago, he admitted that he joined the money laundering imposed by his friend when he was President, in 2016, to declare “off shore” accounts that he had in the Cayman Islands. These days, he is also the leader of the extreme group Federal Revolution, with whom Cristina Kirchner’s attackers identified, revealed her business dealings with the firm Caputo, belonging to two brothers of Luis, the former minister of Macri. A network of coincidences that target the business family closest to the spiritual leader of the opposition.

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