Lorena Miraballes Kukurian from Punta del Este real estate to a premium store in São Paulo

Lorena, how are you? Beyond your love for tourism and travel, you are also a real estate agent, I want to start by asking, for those tourists who need to make temporary rentals in summer places, what the person has to take into account when renting, not only with respect to the property but with the advisor who is contacted to carry out the operation.

Hello Hernan! Happy New Year! Very good and I hope you do too.

That’s right, we have been working with temporary rentals in Punta del Este for nineteen tourist seasons.

In these times of the emergence of social networks and promotions on them, I would advise taking precautions and doing a little research regarding those who offer properties for rent. Sometimes people are very trusting. There have already been numerous situations of scams by people who, without being real estate operators, for example, offer high-quality properties at attractive prices that do not correspond to the market value and deceive those who intend to spend the summer in the destination by keeping the deposit and then disappearing. of networks.

These situations did not occur long ago since rentals were generally specified in physical offices or consultations through emails.

Is there any record, register or reference that a tenant can consult?

Yes, of course in Uruguay our registration is through the Ministry of Tourism, through which a real estate operator number is obtained. It is easy to access the information through the website of the same ministry in the operator registration section.

As a reference in the real estate sector, tourism in general and leisure, how are you seeing the role of women in your sector?

Well, for some time now the role of women in society began to change, and they were able to integrate and develop in the professional area and began to gain positions. Today, in this business field and in tourism, men and women stand out equally. Of course, in other areas such as politics, a strong machismo still persists, and the differences in salaries of athletes, actors, etc. still persist.

We have to keep working and not be afraid, we have to help each other empower each other, to believe in it, it will be very good for everyone. To society in general and its development.

Is this panorama of empowerment what allowed you to encourage yourself to develop new projects in the field of tourism and recreation?

It definitely helped but it wasn’t the only thing. I always liked to explore and search. Then I would tell you that the attitude of search on the one hand and perseverance on the other were very important, characteristics of every entrepreneur. Then having been able to develop independence and autonomy, work on fears since we are talking about projects in other countries. But it also played a role and I am going to take the opportunity to leave a motivational message… “what happens is good.” Sometimes you try and long to do things in places where doors are closed and the normal thing is to get frustrated. Since I was very young I had the desire to generate things for the Punta del Este spa, after the pandemic I tried again and… life surprised me! I started in Buenos Aires where the Ministry of Culture of the city government received me very kindly and they thought they had some good ideas to develop with them in Punta. The problem was Uruguay… the ideas did not prosper! After that, I returned to Brazil where doors always opened and where I also became a resident. I saw that they are very productive and that they push you forward, they have an attitude of progress (like their flag). First in Rio Grande do Sul and now in São Paulo where we are working to open a store (loja) of premium products in Jardím Paulista while promoting tourist destinations. Then will come the Riviera Maya and Miami.

I was already going to say goodbye to you but you opened another window that I can’t ignore. What is this premium products business project in São Paulo?

It is a loja (store) of premium themed products, where tourist destinations from ten countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, France, Italy, Spain, India, Armenia, Arab Countries) will be promoted with cultural events and tastings. . It will be located in Jardim Paulista and the idea is that it will be inaugurated in the month of November.

Admirable everything you do! Keep us up to date with how the store is coming! And see you next time

Thank you very much, of course, I’ll keep you posted! Until next time!

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