Looking inside the owner-occupied apartment of Robin (32): ‘I put blood, sweat and tears into it’

Robin is going to live with his girlfriend in Voorschoten and has therefore put his two-room apartment in Buytenwegh up for sale. “I had a hard time with it at first, but I’m giving my first home to a nice couple.”

On the top floor of the apartment complex on Hannie Schaftrode, Robin enjoys the sun every day, which shines into the living room almost all day long. “You live here nice and quiet and you can get groceries just around the corner. I enjoyed living here.”

Two right hands

His dexterity served Robin nicely when he bought the somewhat dilapidated house in 2020. “I did everything myself,” says Robin. The stucco, painted, made suspended ceilings and installed spot lighting. He installed his brand new kitchen himself, just like the sliding door to the luxurious bathroom. “It cost me blood, sweat and tears, but I am very proud of the result.”

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Subheading at least 2 words

With a lot of luck, Robin was able to buy his first home three years ago. “I took care of my mother for a while after my father passed away. But at a certain point I wanted to live on my own and I was looking for a house. But that wasn’t easy. Others outbid heavily for the homes I was also interested in. I just didn’t get into it. Until a real estate agent tipped me off about this house that had actually already been sold. Due to circumstances, the sale fell through and I was allowed to make an offer. As a result, I suddenly had a house.”

Buying a new house was not that easy

New love in coronat time

In corona time no one could go anywhere, so Robin could spend all his time doing odd jobs in his apartment. He is an electrician and that is why he built in an LED lighting set in his living room and he also carpentered wooden cabinets himself. “I leave the cabinets for the new owner because they are still in good condition. I only take the built-in fireplace with me to my new home.”

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Plumber called for help

Robin prefers to leave chores that involve water to a plumber. “I can do a lot myself, but with water there are some risks, so that is why I have outsourced that.” The luxurious bathroom consists of a nice shower corner and a beautiful bathroom furniture. The matte black rain shower and massage jets are nice extras. The bathroom is closed off with a sliding door custom made by Robin.

Lots of parties

Robin likes to party, so he has invited friends to his apartment several times. “On my balcony there was a barbecue on which I prepared large pieces of marinated meat. The music went up to ten and we partied into the wee hours. The neighbors didn’t mind. That was relaxing.”

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