Looking back tip: This program shows a beautiful part of the Nieuwe Driemanspolder

Do you know the KRO-NCRV television program BinnensteBuiten? In their daily broadcasts, ecologist and bird watcher Camilla Dreef shows the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. This week she speaks highly of Nieuwe Driemanspolder near Zoetermeer.

Nieuwe Driemanspolder is a water storage area between Zoetermeer and Leidschenveen. It was constructed to absorb excess rainfall. The large amount of water makes Nieuwe Driemanspolder an attractive place for birds and recreationists.

Going out with camera and binoculars

In the KRO-NCRV television program BinnensteBuiten, Camilla goes out with binoculars and a camera in search of special birds. In the broadcast on Tuesday, November 6, she lets the viewer enjoy the blue heron, diving ducks, grebes and wading birds that live in and around the pond.

White-tailed eagle and a little owl

During her visit she discovers a family of partridges: a special bird that you don’t easily encounter but that lives in the area all year round. A fantastic moment for Camilla is a white-tailed eagle flying overhead, chased by two cheeky jackdaws. To top it all off, she discovers a little owl on a pile of stones on a property on the other side of the area.

Would you like to watch the episode of BinnensteBuiten from Tuesday, November 6? This can be done in two ways:

New Driemanspolder. Photo: in the Zoetermeer neighborhood

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