Today the Canal Parade returned to Amsterdam after three years. About eighty boats participated. People who went on a boat could board this morning near the Oosterdok. “So many happy and smiling faces on the side: it’s unbelievable. And the weather is nice today too!”

    Many people have been looking forward to finally celebrating Pride again. “We skipped it twice, and that’s really awful,” says someone who is already decked out on the boat early in the morning. “Pride is still very much needed. We can finally do it again this year.”

    “It’s always a unique event,” says another who sails along as a ‘figurehead’ on the municipality’s boat for the last year today. “So many happy and smiling faces on the side. It’s unbelievable. And the weather is nice today too! It really is love, love and more love.”

    Drinking beer and protesting

    The farmers, who have protested vigorously against the new nitrogen rules in recent weeks, are also present today. “Drink beer and protest”, answers one of the farmers when asked why they traveled to the parade, “and show that we are there for the farmers. Making things clear, that’s actually the whole point.” Nevertheless, a party is also in place for the farmers today. “That party has already started,” the boy says, picturing the beer in his hand.

    NH Nieuws broadcast the Canal Parade live today. View a compilation of the boat parade here.