‘Look, we’ve seen you do it’, let the police Thijs Zeeman say to a stalker

What is ‘real’ then? true crimetelevision about real committed offenses? Indeed, crimes we see being committed. We know the victim, have an idea about the perpetrator, we just have to wait for him to strike again. And the best part: we can intervene. Or we don’t, but the program maker does. It presents itself as a tracker, reporter and external conscience. Thijs Zeeman made the arrest on Tuesday evening Sailor confronts: Stalkers (RTL5) to real police officers, but he had nicely taken care of the preliminary work.

Fraudsters, deceivers and liars are often the victims in this crime genre. Zeeman focuses on the niche of people who nuisance and systematically harass others. In the first episode of this season he assists Amanda (29). She had met one Sander via Instagram. She initially found him attractive and empathetic, he was her “best buddy” during a period when she was a bit “less”. They chatted for a month, then they agreed. Once at a party, once at her house, and then he went to visit family in Hungary for a weekend. After two months, she ends the friendship via Whatsapp. She felt no spark, there was no “romantic click.” She thinks that is the end of it, for him it begins now.

What I summarize here in a paragraph takes less than half an hour for Zeeman, but then we also know what he thinks of social media – “a gold mine for stalkers”. Sander knows everything about Amanda, she knows nothing about Sander. It is suspected that he is the one who scratches Amanda’s car at night, smears it with tar or graffiti and destroys her mirror. Zeeman hangs cameras at Amanda’s house and car, has an ex-marechaussee patrol at Sander’s house and car and damn, we see Sander molesting her car on screen.

Where I want to go is the arrest. Zeeman and the former military police arrive at the police station in the early morning for the briefing of the arrest team. Together they drive after two police cars to Sander’s house. Officers handcuff him there. Then Zeeman jumps out of the car. The officers, with Sander between them, slow their pace for the camera on the sidewalk. And then Zeeman can get Sander to confess. I-Pad under his nose: “Look, we’ve seen you do it”. He may lecture him, call him “coward” and chase him into the police car with reproaches and admonitions. Is it crazy that I think this is crazy? Sander will be a stalker, I have no doubt about that. But the way Zeeman sets up this ‘walk of shame’, and the police who facilitate him in doing so, I find that confrontational.

Multimillionaire from Brabant

Who has also been back on TV since Tuesday is Peter Gillis. Multimillionaire from Brabant. Owner of approximately twelve holiday parks. Also: repeat offender. Known to the police, judiciary and the FIOD. Suspected and convicted of illegal rental to migrant workers, illegal prostitution, money laundering, and somewhere there is still an incriminating statement from his girlfriend Nicol (he allegedly bit her). Half a million euros are outstanding in penalty payments, a fine of 250,000 euros. Yes, that is also a genre of course, a reality show about a true crime personality.

Nicol has left him. Peter Gillis now has a PA who puts white balls for him, and he uses a long shoe horn to put on his shoes. As authoritarian as he runs his company, as he scoffs at his two sons and daughter, his whims and whims: vaguely reminiscent of media mogul Logan Troy in the HBO series succession. Only Troy is so rich that he can afford “quiet luxury.” Mass is cash (SBS6) screams money and poeha.