LOOK. Russian state TV takes a different tack: “Millions of Russophobic French people no longer use shampoo or toothpaste” | Abroad

In the remarkable fragment, the Russian zooms in on some figures about the “dirty French”. The presenter even specifically emphasizes that it is not Russian propaganda, but information from the French Institute of Public Opinion. This concerns skewed information from a recent personal hygiene barometer conducted by Ifop, in which some French people indicate that they are currently saving on hygiene products due to high inflation and are paying extra attention to their use of those products.

“A specific smell can currently be felt on the streets of the French cities, where the garbage collectors are striking, but also in the public institutions… where dirty and unwashed Russophobic French people gather,” concludes Skabayeva.

It is not the first time that the presenter wants to ridicule the west with expansive rhetoric. For example, she claimed in January that all people in Cardiff are eating cat food and heating their meals on radiators due to rising costs. She also said that British women are forced to prostitute themselves for food and warmth.

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