North Hollanders have to deal with increasingly expensive groceries and high energy bills. Big problems that affect everyday people. We call them: the perseverants. In order to enter into discussions with politicians, NH Nieuws went to The Hague with the perseverants.

    The persevering told their stories to BBB party leader Caroline van der Plas, Wybren van Haga, SP party leader Lillian Marijnissen, Liane den Haan, Pieter Omtzigt and the Minister of Poverty Carola Schouten.

    Merel, for example, argued for flexible working at Liane den Haan. Due to a spinal cord injury, she is unable to keep a regular job. Entrepreneur Gerard Tesselaar also expressed his concerns. The monthly costs of the snack bar owner have increased by 5,000 euros. “I can work until I’m eighty if this continues.”

    The perseverants: these North Hollanders can’t make it anymore

    Inflation is rising to great heights and energy is almost unaffordable. Many North Hollanders can barely keep their heads above water, for many others it is becoming increasingly difficult. Big problems that affect everyday people. We call them: the perseverants. NH Nieuws will go to The Hague with this group of people on Prinsjesdag. So that we can share these harrowing stories with national politicians.

    Get to know our perseverants and their stories. You can find all their stories on this page.

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