Long hair 2024: cuts and trends, from the “Kitty Cut” to the “Velvet Hair”

Feasy to say long hair: yes, but how to wear it? spring 2024 will want sumptuous but practical cuts, like the “Kitty Cut”sophisticated and layered, or lengths moved by cuts “Long Layers”, at levels – literally – adaptable to every texture. Space also for hair accessoriesto give order and personality.

Hair, the trendy cuts of 2024. Here are all the inspirations to copy from the stars

Long hair 2024: layered hair is a trend, with the “Kitty Cut” and “Long Layers” cuts

«If 2023 was the year of Butterfly cut, the “Kitty” cut is the updated version for 2024: it is a long cut characterized by a light layering that frames the face. It is already the most requestedespecially from Gen Z” explains Alex Cappelletti, Salon Director by Toni&Guy Bologna.

The reason? It is practical thanks to the delicate scaling and the length which can vary from extra long to medium, between the shoulder and the collarbone.

They are therefore confirmed layered cuts, inspired by 90s hair and trends. Today i “Voluminous Layers” they are less drastic and more manageable, easily adapting to the natural texture of the hair, even on the very long hair with delicate layers that start from the chin and go down the back.”

The styling? Voluminous. The “Velvet hair” and “Soft Waves” trends

Also returning from the Nineties so-called blowout dryingthat is, from the super volume. «Wavy hair is gaining more and more popularity. The “Soft Waves”, soft and vaporous, in particular are replacing the “beach waves”, more casual and subtle» continues Cappelletti.

From left: Camila Morrone, a hairstyle by Sam McKnight, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Instagram)

How to get this hairlook? «Simply using a large diameter curling iron and adding volumizing mousse. The good old curlers with a large diameter are always valid, to be kept in place for a large and structured wave.”

For those who love instead smooth, here come the “Velvet hair”: «Healthy, shiny hair that resembles luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk. This effect can be achieved with gloss treatments in the salon, or at home by emphasizing the ultra-smooth effect of the hair with glossing creams and straighteners.”

Long hair hairstyles: bows and pigtails

Clearly the long ones also allow you to experiment with hairstyles. «Among the trends that never go out of fashion and that will be appreciated in 2024 are flakes. Pinterest also confirms the trend, according to which the craze for “flake hair” it will be one of the strongest of the year. Perfect accessories therefore to give even the simplest hairstyle a look college-chic. From the tail to the bun.”

“Between seasonal trends also make room for “pigtails”: pigtails and front braids». Inspirational coquette they are highly appreciated on social media, so much so that the hashtag #CoquetteHairStyle it has already generated over 93 million views. Angelina Mango doc.