Local police officer Eva Dijkman and Alok van Loon van Meten is Weten receive Woman in the Media Award 2023 Groningen and Drenthe

Local police officer Eva Dijkman wins the Woman in the Media Award 2023 for Groningen. Alok van Loon of the citizens’ initiative Meten is Weten receives the Woman in the Media Award 2023 Drenthe.

Eva Dijkman was one of the nine nominated female experts in Groningen.

The jury unanimously chose Dijkman, local police officer in Groningen, because they see her as an example. ‘She is genuinely interested in people and approaches residents without prejudice. Eva is very visible in ‘her’ Oosterpark district, everyone knows her.’

‘In a time of polarization, Eva shows that the right communication brings people together. As one voter describes it: ‘The way she expresses this on social media ensures that we learn to look at people who are sometimes a little further away from us with different eyes. This also teaches us to see the human side of the position of local police officer. She is also a great example for other officers.”

Alok van Loon from Geeuwenbrug, with her foundation Meten = Weten, is committed to drawing attention to the intensive use of pesticides. “In a province where this causes a lot of resistance, she dares to go against the grain with the foundation and continues to call on governments to do something about this,” the jury explains its choice for Van Loon.

Voters find Van Loon brave, knowledgeable, diplomatic and selfless. They write: ‘Alok remains creative and always looks for new ways to serve a good cause’, ‘She communicates professionally and understandably, so that her mission is clear to everyone.’

Dijkman and Van Loon are now competing for the national Woman in the Media Award 2023; the ballot box is only open until 8. The results will be announced on Friday, March 8 in Sound and Vision in Hilversum.

Woman in the Media Award

The election of the Woman in the Media Award is organized for the fifteenth (and last) time by speakers agency ZijSpreekt and expert database Vaker in de Media (VIDM). They want to encourage female experts and role models to be visible in the media and encourage editors to offer them that platform more often.