Living in a classroom? The former primary school Het Blokland in Noordscheschut is becoming an anti-squat

Temporary residential locations will be added in Noordscheschut. The building that previously housed Het Blokland primary school is currently empty and to keep out squatters, the municipality will rent out the spaces in the former school. It is not known how long people can live there: the municipality wants to sell the building in the future.

Every resident in the former school building will have their own classroom available. This is evident from a letter that local residents received from the Oranje Steengoed company. The property manager from Heerenveen will rent and manage the homes for the municipality. There are four rooms available in total. Tenants pay 285 euros per spot.

Until the summer, children were taught at Het Blokland, but the school building has been empty since then. Due to a shortage of students, the school could not continue. The municipality was supposed to get the keys back in October, but that took longer because the building still had to be emptied.

Hoogeveen will investigate what function the building can have in the future. The municipality previously announced that this does not necessarily have to be for education. According to the municipal council, there are plenty of other good educational places in the municipality. Entrepreneurs with other plans may therefore be able to report.

As soon as it is clear what the property is suitable for, it will be put up for sale.